Jeanne Hartmann


About Jeanne

Jeanne Hartmann was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. She attended the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee studying art, music, and theater. She is constantly inspired by her drawing and watercolor teacher, Lawrence Rathsack. "He taught us how to see."

She studied art history in Paris, came back to the States and joined the circus. "I was the magic genie and show painter for the Royal London Magic Circus.

She's designed three lines of pottery: one Native American, one Pacific Northwest, and one she calls "Celestial Spirit." Jeanne's taught Sumi painting and watercolor for Phoenix Parks and Recreation, and at Saddlebrooke in Tucson and now teaches watercolor painting and drawing in her Mt. Lemmon studio.

Her work can be seen on Mt. Lemmon at the Palisades Visitor Center and the Living Rainbow Gift Shop, and at The Mt. Lemmon General Store..

Days off she'll be found hiking, painting, or singing with Mzekala, Tucson's premier Eastern European vocal ensemble.

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